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Access Consciousness™️ - Antwerp

The energetic bodywork, tools and clearings of Access Consciousness™️ open you up to more possibilities to create your life. 

Using these techniques, Katelijne empowers you to know what you know. What if you could access your consciousness more, bring movement into your energetic field and change anything that doesn’t work for you?


Or you can just lie down, relax and receive…

Katelijne found Access Consciousness™️ in a moment of crisis during a long period of chronic illness. Since then she’s hooked and changed her life dynamically with these techniques. 

She is an Access Bars Facilitator and has done several advanced Access Consciousness™️ classes in different countries.

You can make an appointment with her on Friday afternoon.
Telefoon/whatsapp +32 495 113 550



Health & Life Coach

Welcome to Yoga Station!


It is my dream to offer you some Stillness in this super busy World.

As a Yoga teacher and Mindfulness coach, I will guide you towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

In everything I do and teach 'balance' is key. Whether it is a spicy vinyasa or a gentle yin class, I aspire to bring you into perfect harmony.

You can contact Kristel for Health & Life coaching.

Visit her website:



Not bookable with class cards

Different rates apply for the individual sessions than for the group and online sessions.

Contact the therapists for rates and offers.

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Vocal Teacher - Antwerp

‘Raise your voice and Sing!’

You can sing all your troubles away with Hadewig. Developing your voice is fun, and your breathsupport, which is 80% of a succesful vocal performance, can help you in all kinds of professions. Vocal awareness soundwise makes you able to perform your favorite songs.

You can book an individual session.

Hadewig Kras is a singer, a vocal-coach, a VP (trustperson in the arts), a composer and a Vipassana meditator.

telefoon / whatsapp +32486325856

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