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Welcome to Yoga Station!


It is my dream to offer you some Stillness in this super busy World.

As a Yoga teacher and Mindfulness coach, I will guide you towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

In everything I do and teach 'balance' is key. Whether it is a spicy vinyasa or a gentle yin class, I aspire to bring you into perfect harmony.

Meet the wonderful team:



Vocal Teacher

‘Raise your voice and Sing!’

On Tuesday evenings you can sing all your troubles away with Hadewig. Developing your voice is fun, and your breathsupport, which is 80% of a succesful vocal performance, can help you in all kinds of professions. Vocal awareness soundwise makes you able to perform your favorite songs.

We will do half an hour of exercises, and work every lesson towards a result, like for example a three-part song.

You can also book an individual session.

Hadewig Kras is a singer, a vocal-coach, a VP (trustperson in the arts), a composer and a Vipassana meditator

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Mental Health Coach

Ann Willemen is a clinical psychologist with an artistic background and nearly 20 years of experience in psychotherapy. 

She is  specialized in trauma psychology . In her private practice SOFA she uses EMDR and talking therapy for a wide range of mental problems.

She has worked for several companies as a crisis psychologist after incidents at the workplace (accidents, conflict, burn-out, bullying..).



Yoga Teacher

coming soon



Yoga Teacher

For Cloé, yoga is an amazing journey of exploration that never ends. She was attracted to the peaceful atmosphere often found in yoga classes. Yoga teaches her every day to be more present and to have a curious and open mind towards the world around her. In 2018 Cloé completed her Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Sara Derasse in Brussels.


She also has a passion for soundhealing, and often uses her Tibetan bowls, zaphir and handpan during Savasana.



Yoga Teacher

Olivia found mental and inner peace in yoga when her external world started to become more turbulent. She started gravitating towards yoga as a form of self-love and self-care, and it also became a first step to a more spiritual lifestyle.


She was trained in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga by a team of Indian and Balinese teachers in Power of Now Oasis, Bali.



Yoga Teacher

Isabelle’s classes are dynamic yoga classes infused with breathing exercises and meditative silence.

She’s influenced by the traditional ashtanga philosophy, prana vinyasa style and breath work.

If you want to learn the real deal and experience a deep relaxation, join Isabelle’s classes.



Energetic Coach

A private session with Katelijne Loete is relaxing and restorative for body, mind & emotions. It invites you to know what you know. You go home with a tool or clearing to work with, if you like that.

She is awareness and energetic coach. She works with techniques of Access Consciousness™ as an Access Bars facilitator, Body Proces practitioner, Access Energetic Facelift practitioner.

You can make an appointment with Katelijne on Thursday afternoon.



Yoga Teacher

coming soon



Yoga Teacher

Join one of Zaza's classes if you're in for a gentle yet firmly grounding asana practice.

Our breath is our guide along each posture and plenty of options are given for everyone:
“your body = your yoga” is Zaza's 'mantra'.



Yoga Teacher

Marthy teaches ‘no-nonsense’ down-to-earth vinyasa classes. She focusses on the quality of the breath and on an inclusive and safe practice for all levels with little challenges sprinkled through just to get you out of your comfort zone.



Art Director

Elena is our Art Director and Brand designer (studio Ideas2Earth). Her goal is to help entrepreneurs and start ups to fulfill their ideas and goals, support them and help them translate their concepts into genuine designs with a unique voice.

Brainstorming as 2nd language, creativity as communication channel and doing some asanas.

Enthusiastic about our concept, she is one of the family members.

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